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The Challengeer
27 November 2006 @ 08:16 pm
Title: One Sided Attraction
Fandom: Harry Potter
Challenge: Sirius/Peter
Challenger: Kayla (my best friend)
Wordcount: 1946
Piece Type: Oneshot
Pairing: Sirius/Peter
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Peter is tired of a lot of things, but most of all he's tired of the one thing he can't ignore: his attraction to Sirius Black.

God, he thought, rolling his eyes...Collapse )
The Challengeer
26 November 2006 @ 10:01 am
To propose a challege, please comment to this entry using the form on my [profile] page.

Thank you.

Edit: Alright, I have marked off the first ten challenges I will be doing. Feel free to continue to add your challenges, but be patient as I am taking time with these so they will be the best that they can be. Thank you, once again!

1. yankeesdtr- Hermione/Draco
2. keladryie- Remus/Tonks
3. moody_girl- Sean Bean/Billy Boyd
4. tragicamente- Momiji/Tohru-Kyou/Tohru
5. antigoneschase- Bill Weasley/Neville Longbottom
6. megyal- Harry/Oliver/Draco
7. wissiemeissie- Hikaru/Kyouya/Kaoru
8. clairie_poo- Harry/Draco
9. plsteward- Crossover Piece
10. dollymixtures64- Ron/Draco